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Old and new famous animation and shorts

The Three Knights - Animation from Mark Baker VHS Rip

Watched 82 times

Three medieval knights set off on their horses on their individual quests to put right all things that have gone wrong. Things, however, do not always go according to plan.Mini masterpiece by animator Mark Baker from 1982.Was shown late at night on channel 4 a few times in the eighties. Unfortunately this is the best copy I could find after trawling the internet. It would be great if somebody could upload a better version.

Pixar Animation- Luxo Jr.

Watched 49 times

It`s old, but graphics are still cool.

Nursery Rites (Part 1)

Watched 47 times

Another early 90s animation from the Channel 4By Nick Herbert

Paul Driessen - Oh What a Knight (La Belle et la boite) [1982]

Watched 47 times

Animation short by Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen - On The Land, At Sea And In The Air

Watched 47 times

Short animation film made by Paul Driessen in 1980