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There once lived a dog

Watched 35 times

Russian cartoon based on Ukrainian folk taleЖил-был пес с английскими субтитрамиwith english subtitles

(1-3)-The Village-Mark Baker(1993)-Corto-Short Animation

Watched 33 times

Cortometraje animado en donde se manifiesta la eterna lucha entre autodeterminación y libertad del individuo frente a la predeterminada opresión y sometimiento del colectivo humano legalista, pequeñoburgués. El mecanismo de dominación y control de nuestras sociedades maravillosamente expuesto en "dibujitos".

The Stain

Watched 22 times

In a house on a cliff by the sea, a man and a woman live together and eventually have children. When the mother disappears and the father goes for a swim in the sea, the baby is left to be raised by the twin brothers and the cruel, older sister. When they grow up secrets can only be kept for so long.

Nursery Rites (Part 2)

Watched 21 times

Another early 90s animation from the Channel 4By Nick Herbert

Springman and the SS

Watched 16 times

Pérák, the Spring Man was an urban legend originating from the Czechoslovakian city of Prague during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in the midst of World War II. In the decades following the war, Pérák has also been portrayed as a Czech superhero.A 14-minute 1946 Czechoslovakian animated cartoon.